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If you are a functional medicine practitioner, welcome to The FM Shift Podcast, where we explore the right clinical models, business strategies, and clinical systems for FM practitioners. Learn how practitioners can have fun, be successful, and scale their businesses to have a true impact.

This, is functional medicine the way it should be.

Episode 66: Risks and Benefits of Hypnotherapy, with Wendi Friesen

The risks and benefits of hypnotherapy is just one topic that special guest Wendi Friesen speaks to when she describes how hypnotherapy can benefit functional medicine practitioners in business and help their patients. Insights around the risks and benefits of hypnotherapy as a treatment strategy How hypnosis can help build your FM practice How hypnotherapy […]

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Episode 65: Doctor Patient Communication, with Merrick Rosenberg

Doctor patient communication is one of the keys to a successful business, but with so many different people in the world, how does a functional medicine practitioner connect to each unique personality? This week, on the FM Shift, special guest Merrick Rosenberg explains: Doctor Patient Communication How to step into your personality How to quickly […]

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Episode 64: Providing Telehealth Services for Patients, with Tommy Breedlove

Special guest Tommy Breedlove joins us to talk about how functional medicine practitioners can provide telehealth services for patients while creating a welcoming virtual environment and how to pivot in the field during and after COVID-19. He shares: Insights into telehealth services for patients How to adapt your practice for COVID Why telehealth is here […]

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Episode 63: Diabetes and Intermittent Fasting, with Geoffrey Woo

Diabetes and intermittent fasting is just one strategy that special guest Geoffery Woo explains how functional medicine practitioners can help their patients optimize human performance and physiology with alternative medical treatments. Insights around diabetes and intermittent fasting as a treatment strategy The difference between exogenous ketones and endogenous ketones What may count as breaking an […]

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Episode 62: Growing and Rebuilding Your Business, with Nick Cavuoto

Medical practice branding strategies are just one way Nick Cavuoto provides medical entrepreneurs with hope and actionable tips to get their businesses back to pre-COVID numbers and expanding. He shares insights about: Keys to medical practice branding How to grow your business quickly How you can sell more Reasons entrepreneurs struggle How you can go […]

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Episode 61: Ways to Increase Patient Volume, with Paul Smith

Ways to increase patient volume is one struggle functional medicine practitioners struggle with. Guest speaker Paul Smith joins us to teach functional medicine practitioners creative strategies to do just that using storytelling. He shares: Ways to increase patient volume How to engage your audience What questions your story should answer What stories leaders need to […]

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Episode 57: Clinical Hypnotherapy, with Norman Plotkin

Learn about the treatment benefits of clinical hypnotherapy in this episode with Norman Plotkin. Hear insights about: How to address the psychological barriers to treatment in functional medicine The treatment benefits of clinical hypnotherapy Different scenarios where hypnotherapy is most effective How hypnotherapy affects the subconscious mind, and the resulting impact on treatment How life […]

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