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If you are a functional medicine practitioner, welcome to The FM Shift Podcast, where we explore the right clinical models, business strategies, and clinical systems for FM practitioners. Learn how practitioners can have fun, be successful, and scale their businesses to have a true impact.

This, is functional medicine the way it should be.

Episode 81: Medicine Marketing Strategies, with Dr. Greg Mongeon

There are tons of great marketing strategies on marketing, but today, we’re focusing on medicine marketing strategies. Special guest Dr. Greg Mongeon joins us to talk about how functional medicine practitioners can grow an incredibly successful practice. He teaches us how the know-like-and-trust-factor plays a considerable role in our success and how finding the right […]

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Episode 80: Leading a Healthy Life, with Joel Greene

Leading a healthy life is a passion that guest Joel Greene has pursued for the last 50 years. Today, he teaches functional medicine practitioners how their patients can lose weight, improve gut health, maintain diets, and feel better with healthier choices. He shares: Steps for leading a healthy life What bacteria does to your health […]

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Episode 79: How to Build Rapport with Patients, with Nick Cavuoto

A trusting relationship is essential in medicine. But knowing how to build rapport with patients can be easier said than done. Today, Nick Cavuoto joins us to talk about how functional medicine practitioners can create relationships with patients, post meaningful content, and use that content to build your authority. He shares: How to build rapport […]

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Episode 78: How to Be a Good CEO, with Trey Taylor

Have you ever wondered how to be a good CEO? Starting your own functional medicine practice seems daunting enough, but now you actually have to run the business? Luckily, Trey Taylor knows what it’s like to be thrust into being a CEO. Today, he shares: How to be a good CEO How to hire people […]

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Episode 76: How to Achieve Financial Freedom, with Dr. John Soforic

Learning how to achieve financial freedom might be easier than you think. To create wealth, you don’t have to have the most successful functional medicine practice. You just have to have the right tools. Guest speaker Dr. John Soforic joins us to teach functional medicine practitioners creative strategies to reach their goals and build financial […]

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Episode 75: Shifting Your Mindset, with AJ Mihrzad

*Trigger Warning* – This episode mentions domestic violence, drug overdose, and addiction. Shifting your mindset is easier said than done. Many functional medicine practitioners struggle to see that they may be on the verge of huge success because of limiting beliefs. Guest speaker AJ Mihrzad joins us to teach functional medicine practitioners creative strategies to […]

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Episode 72: How to Prevent Functional Medicine Legal Issues, with Scott Rattigan

Functional medicine legal issues is a broad topic, but special guest, attorney Scott Rattigan shares insights into how functional medicine practitioners can help protect themselves and their practices, especially as telehealth technology outpaces medical regulations. In this episode, you will learn: What Functional Medicine Legal Issues you should be aware of How to protect yourself […]

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