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If you are a functional medicine practitioner, welcome to The FM Shift Podcast, where we explore the right clinical models, business strategies, and clinical systems for FM practitioners. Learn how practitioners can have fun, be successful, and scale their businesses to have a true impact.

This, is functional medicine the way it should be.

Episode 57: Clinical Hypnotherapy, with Norman Plotkin

Learn about the treatment benefits of clinical hypnotherapy in this episode with Norman Plotkin. Hear insights about: How to address the psychological barriers to treatment in functional medicine The treatment benefits of clinical hypnotherapy Different scenarios where hypnotherapy is most effective How hypnotherapy affects the subconscious mind, and the resulting impact on treatment How life […]

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Episode 56: The Cash Practice Model, with Dr. David Serio

If you’re looking to grow your business and increase your ability to move humanity forward, you need to adopt a cash practice model. In this conversation, you’ll hear insights about: Why you should adopt a cash practice model to have a greater impact on your business and your community How Dr. Serio built the largest […]

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Episode 53: Glucose Management in FM Treatments, with Dr. Ben Galyardt

Dr. Ben Galyardt discusses his perspective on glucose management in all types of functional medicine treatment plans. Hear insights about: The fundamental framework of Dr. Ben’s new book, “Blood Sugar Doesn’t Lie” Why glucose management is such an important factor in functional medicine treatment Why Dr. Ben gives every patient a copy of his book […]

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Episode 50: The Telehealth Practice Model, with Dr. Will Cole

Dr. Will Cole discusses his telehealth practice model and explains how it has lead to stable, predictable growth in his business. Hear insights about: Dr. Cole’s journey to becoming one of the top 50 functional medicine and integrative doctors in the nation How the pandemic has impacted Dr. Cole’s practice, and what he has done […]

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