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If you are a functional medicine practitioner, welcome to The FM Shift Podcast, where we explore the right clinical models, business strategies, and clinical systems for FM practitioners. Learn how practitioners can have fun, be successful, and scale their businesses to have a true impact.

This, is functional medicine the way it should be.

Episode 29: Identify Your USP and Build a Killer Communication Strategy

Functional Medicine Field: What You Will Learn: How professionals in the functional medicine field can find their unique identifier and separate themselves from the pack What functional medicine providers can do to overcome their scarcity mindset and narrow their niche Why niching down will enable you to increase your impact and grow your practice simultaneously […]

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Episode 28: Leadership in Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Field: What You Will Learn: Why your patients are ultimately buying your leadership, not just your products and services Lenann’s definition of leadership, and how it affects your practice Why taking a soft approach is beneficial whether you are a male or female practitioner in the functional medicine field How to get patients […]

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Episode 27: Integrative Cardiology in Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Practitioner: What You Will Learn: What inspired Dr. Twyman to become a functional medicine practitioner How Dr. Twyman evaluates patients who are at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases How patients react to the way traditional cardiology test results match up to Dr. Twyman’s prognosis The different types of treatments Dr. Twyman uses in […]

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Episode 26: Speak Your Patients’ Language

Functional Medicine Field: What You Will Learn: The principles Funk uses to help his clients achieve their fitness goals How Funk’s fitness regimen aligns with the functional medicine field Why Funk’s communication style can help FM providers better connect with their patients What practitioners can do to help their patients understand the clinical side of […]

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Episode 25: The Transformation of Functional Medicine as We Know It

Functional Medicine Practitioners: What You Will Learn: James’ journey into the field of functional medicine How James has been able to help functional medicine practitioners move the needle and grow their business How functional medicine is changing, and what doctors can do to get on the front end of this new movement Why it is […]

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Episode 24: The New Normal in Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Practice: What You Will Learn: How Dr. Barter’s practice has been impacted by COVID from a clinical and patient management perspective The mental and emotional impact that COVID has made on Dr. Barter’s patients Treatments Dr. Barter’s functional medicine practice uses to help manage mood and headspace How Dr. Barter communicates the effects […]

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Episode 23: The Big Picture of Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Practitioner: What You Will Learn: The writing and publishing process for Dr. Bartemus’ book, The Autoimmune Answer How Dr. Bartemus approaches to each autoimmunity case that comes through his practice Different types of tests that Dr. Bartemus uses in autoimmunity cases The main cases Dr. Bartemus sees as a functional medicine practitioner, chiropractor, […]

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Episode 22: Sales Tactics in Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Practitioners: What You Will Learn: Why Dr. Lerner has built his sales cycle around unique advancing programs and events Different programs and events functional medicine practitioners can produce to connect with patients How Dr. Lerner views sales in relation to the brick and mortar practice Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) What drove Dr. Lerner […]

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Episode 21: Critical Sales Skills for Functional Medicine Providers

Functional Medicine Practice: What You Will Learn: Bryan’s journey to sales mastery and coaching What it means to be an “accidental” salesperson Why we need to be able to sell regardless of our profession or position in an organization Conveying functionality vs. conveying value The four steps of growth in sales How to be successful […]

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Episode 20: Charging What You’re Worth

Functional Medicine Education: What You Will Learn: Who the average functional medicine avatar is and how they make up 80% of your audience Why today’s technology has created a powerful and unprecedented way to share your message Why the secret to niching down is to focus on what you feel passionate about Why undercharging for […]

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