Episode 76:

Learning how to achieve financial freedom might be easier than you think. To create wealth, you don’t have to have the most successful functional medicine practice. You just have to have the right tools. Guest speaker Dr. John Soforic joins us to teach functional medicine practitioners creative strategies to reach their goals and build financial freedom. He shares:

  • Strategies on how to achieve financial freedom
  • How he went from an in-debt chiropractor to retired by 50
  • Ways to diversify your income stream
  • How you can choose your life
  • Why you might not need a mentor
  • How identifying your fears leads to success

How to Achieve Financial Freedom

Dr. John Soforic is a chiropractor and worldwide bestselling author of The Wealthy Gardener. John is the first person in his family to graduate college in the family, and he has always aspired to great things. After graduating from chiropractic school and starting his FM practice, he set a goal to be retired by the age of 50 and break the generational cycle of debt to create wealth and financial power.

Through his FM practice and diversifying investments, he built wealth and achieved his goals. Still, he wanted his son to understand how he became the first person in his family to escape financial slavery. So he sat down and wrote The Wealthy Gardener as a personal guide from a father to his son on how to build his own wealth.

On this episode of The FM Shift, John is joining us to share his insights into building financial freedom and how to wisely spend your time to achieve all your financial goals. He shares insights into how to spend your time and how to address your fears to succeed.

How to achieve financial freedom

Future Building is Key

Do you know how to achieve financial freedom as a functional medicine provider? You have to get in touch with your desires but also your fears. If you can sit down and project what financial obstacles you may face, like shrinkage in insurance for the future. Guest speaker Dr. John Soforic feared what the future looked like for his children when they got out of high school and were faced with student loans by the time they were six or seven.

Even though he had a successful chiropractic practice, the money he was making went straight to paying off loans. So how did he start to build wealth? He got in touch with all his fears.
John’s philosophy is that everything starts with your mind. When you prepare for your future, it has to start with your thoughts–it has to start with setting your goals. So start by writing down what you want your future to look like.

By envisioning your future, you start to look beyond your FM practice and see what other areas can help you achieve your goals. Maybe that means diversifying your assets before spending money on a vacation or a fancy car. People may judge you for building your wealth outside of your practice, but that’s ok. These people may have different goals for themselves.

Do You Need a Mentor?

Do you need a mentor to build a successful FM practice or build wealth outside of your practice? No, not at all! Every person’s journey is different, and while it’s great to build relationships with people, one of the best ways to build your business, fortify your soul, and execute your dreams is by reading books.

With mentorship, you can do many things. But mentorship may not get you exactly where you want to go. You can learn exactly what the people you admire learned through books while interpreting the knowledge in your own unique way. By doing this, you allow yourself to create the life you want precisely how you envisioned it without relying on anyone else.

About John Soforic

Dr. John Soforic retired from his chiropractic practice in 2015 after spending 25 years in the field. Early in his career, John set a goal to break the cycle of financial slavery and retire at 50. To do this, he not only built his chiropractor practice, but he also spent his time reading books, where he learned how to invest in the real estate market. Today, he owns multiple real estate properties that allow him to have an extra $20,000 a month in passive income. But creating this wealth for himself wasn’t enough. John wanted to share his insights into financial freedom with his son, so he went on to write the international best-seller, The Wealthy Gardener, which has now been translated into eight languages and sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.

How to Connect with John Soforic:

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