Episode 79:

A trusting relationship is essential in medicine. But knowing how to build rapport with patients can be easier said than done. Today, Nick Cavuoto joins us to talk about how functional medicine practitioners can create relationships with patients, post meaningful content, and use that content to build your authority. He shares:

  • How to build rapport with patients through content creation
  • How creating content can change lives
  • Why building patient relationships is essential today
  • How information spread through technology impacts your practice
  • How to effectively communicate with your patients
  • Why it’s important to teach patients their healthcare is their choice

How to Build Rapport with Patients

Nick Cavuoto is a speaker, entrepreneurial mentor, and personal brand expert specializing in content marketing, sales, and transformational leadership. Nick believes that successful businesses in the future will focus on building relationships and authentic connections. Nick uses his unique philosophies in his own business and teaches all his students to do the same.

On the most recent episode of the FM Shift, Nick joins us to discuss using technology to your advantage and how information overload can lead your patients to follow the wrong advice. He also shares how, as functional medicine practitioners, creating online content is essential to building your brand, building patient relationships, and becoming an authority in your field.

How to build rapport with patients

Building Patient Relationships

People intrinsically trust other people over organizations, but it requires a level of trust and a forged relationship for that to be true. As functional medicine practitioners and business owners, forming relationships is going to be one of the most critical elements of your business. Without building these relationships, the road to creating a successful business will be much more difficult.

Another reason to build strong relationships with your patients is due to data overload. With all the advancements in technology over the last 20 years, more and more patients have access to the same medical information you do–that means that more patients will go to doctors and functional medicine practitioners believing they know what’s wrong with them.

Furthermore, because so much information is available, the right treatment path can seem overwhelming to patients. So, now more than ever, a strong, trusting relationship must be created between doctor and patient.

But how to build rapport with patients can often seem daunting, which is why taking steps like being empathetic and creating content are great ways to start forming patient relationships.

Creating Online Content

One of the most significant challenges in building a brand and publishing content is the fear of other people’s thoughts, feelings, and judgments.

The root of not creating content is the fear of being deemed someone who isn’t worth listening to. Often, business owners, particularly doctors and functional medicine practitioners, fear that providing their perspective on care could result in being viciously attacked for taking a stand and sharing their beliefs.

But the reality is that these fears of rejection, while valid, hold functional medicine practitioners back. Not posting valuable content for fear of being rejected by some is detrimental to the many whose lives could be changed for the better.

The best ideas often aren’t immediately accepted–but by holding fast and continuing to spread knowledge, only good can come from that.

About Nick Cavuoto

Nick Cavuoto is a long-time entrepreneur with experience in speaking, personal branding, and as an entrepreneurial mentor. He specializes in content marketing, sales, and transformation leadership. He has had the pleasure of working with some of the most influential Fortune 500 companies, including Paychex, Pandora, and Microsoft, to name a few.

Additionally, he has worked with top business leaders like Todd Herman, Scott Oldford, and Mike Kim. Nick’s unique philosophy on building a successful business requires leaders to create authentic connections and relationships. Nick’s passion to mentor businesses has taken him to stages all over the country, speaking at conferences and hosting masterminds to teach entrepreneurs everything he knows about personal branding, entrepreneurship, and life. Today, he works with businesses to effortlessly create meaningful content and get their voices heard without worrying about posting to social media or keeping up with their websites themselves.

How to Connect with Nick Cavuoto:

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