Episode 81:

There are tons of great marketing strategies on marketing, but today, we’re focusing on medicine marketing strategies. Special guest Dr. Greg Mongeon joins us to talk about how functional medicine practitioners can grow an incredibly successful practice. He teaches us how the know-like-and-trust-factor plays a considerable role in our success and how finding the right patients is key. He shares insights into how we can get our voice out there and attract those dream patients. He provides insights to:

  • Medicine marketing strategies
  • Strategies to help patients trust you
  • Niching down
  • How spending 10% of revenue on marketing can change your business
  • Why your practice needs a process for patients
  • How to qualify patients to make sure they’re a good fit

Using Medicine Marketing Strategies in Your Practice

Dr. Greg Mongeon is the founder of five functional medicine practices and is the primary functional medicine doctor for Olympic Gold-medalist Jordan Burroughs and the lead functional medicine practitioner for Eat the Frog Fitness. He believes in disregarding the minute details and focus on what fits your lifestyle.

Today, Dr. Greg joins us on the FM Shift to teach functional medicine practitioners to stop listening to every business practice out there and just take what is needed to best help your patients and build the best practice for you.

Medicine Marketing Strategies

Getting Patients to Trust You

How do you get your patients to say yes to their health? If you want to do good work within your community, it takes more than simply presenting the science of medicine.

For your patients to follow your advice as a functional medicine practitioner, they have to know, like, and trust you. That know-like-and-trust-factor isn’t something that is built overnight. There’s no secret formula that will help you cross the finish line sooner.

Earning your patient’s trust can mean different things in different communities, and it’s your job as a business owner and functional medicine practitioner to figure out what your particular community needs to feel that they are getting the best care possible. It’s also your job to help your patients feel at ease with you and want not just to keep coming back but to follow your care plan as well.

While there’s no set formula for earning your patient’s trust, one of the best ways to create that know-like-and-trust-factor is by creating a process. Often, when a process is in place, patients will automatically start to trust you because you’re coming across as an expert. However, if a step is skipped in the process, that’s when patients sometimes begin to think, “Eh, I don’t know if this is for me.”

Do you have a process? Document your process and check to ensure that it’s simple and easy for your patients to understand and follow.

The Art of Functional Medicine

Often, doctors feel like they have to know everything. But the truth is, doctors need to be resourceful.

When a patient comes to you with a problem to which you don’t know the answer, it’s ok to tell them you don’t know. But the key to this is letting them know that you are willing to find out the answer for them.

Letting your patient know that there is some information you aren’t aware of will help build a better relationship with your patient. While some doctors may feel not knowing the answer to something, when a patient is coming to you as an expert, may reflect poorly on your practice, giving your patient false information or avoiding the question will look worse.

Situations like this all come down to the art of functional medicine.

Handling a question you don’t know the answer to, being honest with your patient, and then being resourceful in discovering the answer are all ways that will help your patients feel more confident in your abilities.

Greg Mongeon

Dr. Greg Mongeon is a father to five active kids, husband to the love of his life, innovator, functional medicine doctor, speaker, and leader. His philosophy is the doctor of the future, is you! And Dr. Greg is actively empowering his clients through mentoring education, self-care, and optimizing mindset. Dr. Greg has started over five brick-and-mortar practices, currently acts as the primary functional medicine doctor for Olympic gold-medalist Jordan Burroughs, and is the lead functional medicine doctor for Eat The Frog Fitness.

Today, Dr. Greg and his family reside in Lakeville, MN, where he operates a successful functional medicine practice. He not only treats people locally but also treats people from all over the world. He devotes his time to treating people. His passion for connecting with people, providing hope and understanding for people with autoimmune diseases, and uncovering the root cause of autoimmune diseases is what separates him from others in his field.

Most days. Dr. Greg starts his day very early, looking over patient charts, diving deeper into the current research, spending time on personal self-growth, and mentoring clinicians. At the end of the day, he can be found in a gym or field watching his kids–often motivating and encouraging them to try something new.

How to Connect with Greg Mongeon:

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