The Business Side of Functional Medicine Doesn’t Have to be a GRIND…

Discover Functional Medicine Sales Mastery And Make Maximum Money

Without Patient Resistance

The FM Shift Shows You How To Easily Attract Patients Who WANT What You Offer & Are Willing To Pay You What You’re Worth Without Waiting For Your Practice To Magically Mature

What If Functional Medicine Became As Profitable, Rewarding & Stress Free As You Expected It To Be?


Do you just need more leads?


Are unqualified patients wasting your time?


Is your income unpredictable?


Do you need and want to make more money?


Are you being paid fairly for your expertise?


Would more referrals make your life easier?

How Much Would Your Life & Your Bottom Line Change If All You Did Was Get Just ONE More New Patient Per Week (52 Extra NPs Per Year)?

Functional Medicine Sales Success Is Not Hard… If You Know What To Say & Do

The FM Shift gives you…

A system to easily attract more leads

The proven strategies that allow you to only sell to qualified patients

The FM business model that creates predictable income

The sales & communication skills that allow you to Make Real Money


The critical elements to significant price increases that match your value

The tools needed to remove friction from your sales process

Finally Experience What Being a Doctor is Supposed to Feel Like…

Dr. Phillip Redd

FM Shift VIP – Nampa Idaho

“I’ve improved my productivity probably 500%. It’s been awesome… Their system that they help you implement is literally plug-and-play, and if you do it like they say you need to do it, it works.”

”Discover how The FM Shift has helped Doctors, just like you, take their practice to the next level.”

The FM Shift Is For All Types Of

Functional Medicine Providers

If you practice Functional Medicine and need to attract more leads, sell only to qualified patients, and make more money, then you need to join our community. 

Medical Doctors

Osteopathic Physicians

Doctors of Chiropractic

Nurse Practitioners

Naturopathic Physicians

Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Medical Doctors

Osteopathic Physicians

Doctors of Chiropractic

Nurse Practitioners

Naturopathic Physicians

Healthcare Entrepreneurs

“I am excited now because I see a clear path of how to grow, get to the next level, and help more and more patients.”

Dr. Emanuel Botelho

“Hands down the best sales trainer for clinicians who work outside of the insurance system.

Dr. Cora Murillo Lanyon

“I’ve been in practice for 27 years and NOTHING has given me more insight into why patients say ‘No’ and what I can do to change that outcome.”

Dr. Wayne Greathouse

Every Functional Medicine Practice Problem You Face Is Fixed With Just Two Things….


More New Patients That Pay Top Dollar


Refer Back To #1

There are ZERO problems in your Functional Medicine practice that can’t be fixed with more patients paying you what you’re worth.

Burnt Out?

When you’re not making money and not getting paid what you’re worth, your passion decreases and life is out of balance.

By becoming a Functional Medicine Sales Master, you can finally breathe again.

Can’t afford An associate doc?

In order to scale and stay balanced, you have to leverage the time and energy of others. Hiring talented and competent associate docs is only made possible by learning how to become a Functional Medicine Sales Master.

Having Cash Flow Crunches?

Steady cash flow comes from a predictable flow of patients paying you top-dollar cash fees. Say goodbye to worrying about how the bills will be paid, maxed-out credit cards, and last-minute payroll squeezes.


If you aren’t making money, you can’t market to the people who desperately need your help – and are willing to pay top dollar. By commanding fees in line with what you’re worth, you’ll have the budget you need to promote your life-changing services.

What makes The FM Shift

So Different?

The FM Shift is revolutionary because it was built by the most successful Functional Medicine Docs in the world with a very clear vision and goal:

To help you overcome struggle, mediocrity and unfulfilled dreams. To show you the path traveled by the most successful Functional Medicine providers in the world and give you the tools, skills, and systems to…

Easily & Magnetically Attract More Leads


Only Sell to Qualified Patients


Drastically Increase Your Close Rate and

Make Real Money in FM

This is an event to teach you how to get paid what you’re worth. You’ll be joined by other practitioners who are in the trenches with you – who are ready to learn the same systems that have helped drive hundreds of millions of dollars of income for Functional Medicine providers around the nation.

The FM Shift will give any growth-oriented and heart-centered Functional Medicine provider the tools to finally break free and put sales stress in the rear-view mirror once and for all.

Dr. Fab Mancini

International Speaker & Best-Selling Author

“One of the things that always caught my attention was how disciplined and how smart they are… They want to share what they’ve learned with others. That, to me, is the pinnacle of true significance.”

Julie Bletzinger

Fox Valley Integrated Health

“Business has been so much more simplified and streamlined. You can focus on patient care, which is a huge weight lifted off our shoulders.”

Dr. Dan Joseph

Joseph Health Group

“I was a high volume chiropractor where I would see between 80-100 patients per day. This is a different type. We slow things down… I absolutely love that one-on-one time with them where I can spend 45 minutes to an hour with them.”

Your case average is way too low!

You’re the best-of-the-best.

You should never again take on a patient for less than $10,000

We’ll show you exactly how to charge $10,000 per patient, drastically increase your conversion rates, and generate one additional new patient a week. Let’s do the math on what that means for your practice:

4 New Patients

Per Month



Per Patient



additional income per month

= $480,000 Per Year in additional income

What would you invest for another $40K a month?


Sales Kickstarter Course



The FM Shift’s Sales Training All-Access Pass 



The FM Shift’s Sales Training Bundle

$ 197

“This sales training is what I should have learned in school. This approach and system of selecting instead of selling has driven my income far beyond my previous efforts. It has given me a clear path to reach my full potential and help patients get well.”

Dr. Matt Wolfertz

Georgia Integrated Health Center

Dr. Jason Crockett

Zeal Integrated Health

“You can have a successful practice and you can have a balance with your home. I think the strategies simplify and increase productivity. It just makes the office more efficient, and you get more precise results with your patients when you have systems in place.”

“I’ve been in practice for 27 years and NOTHING has given me more insight into why patients say No and what I can do to change that outcome. This training has led to all time records in income, allowed me to increase my prices, created practice stability, and most importantly, experience the joy of patients getting better.”
Dr. Wayne Greathouse

Next Advanced Medicine

Before implementing The FM Success Formula I was always nervous putting money towards advertising and I had problems feeling confident recommending a treatment plan that exceeded a certain price level.  I felt a bit fearful and was operating with a mindset of scarcity. The sales and headspace coaching I received was very effective and gave me an opportunity to see things as they truly are. I pretty much knew this training was working immediately as I could hear it in my voice when i interacted with potential patients.  It allowed me to become much more confident and be the leader that my prospective patients needed me to be. Now I not only feel much more confident, but I also have a system that allows me to predict my future instead of hoping it will all work out.

Dr. Bryan Joseph

I felt like I had maximized everything in my practice that I could possibly do on my own, but I still wanted to expand and help more people.  I was so busy in my practice that I did not know what to do next. I felt blocked and that was very frustrating. The FM Success Formula and the mentorship helped me practice at a much bigger level.  I knew within the first week of using the formula that this was going to go big. My life now is so much more fulfilling because I am making a bigger impact on patients and my families financial growth and security is in a much better place.

Dr. Candice Hall

Before I began applying The FM Success Formula my practice was suffering due to declining insurance reimbursements.  My practice was just not as viable as I wanted it to be. I was frustrated and disappointed that I was not going anywhere…basically not getting the results I wanted in my business. There were times where fear would set in…fear that I might become financially challenged and not be able to take care of my family the way I wanted to.  I knew in less than a month that this was going to shift my practice. Their integrity is what drew me to them. They believe in what they do…they have been there and done it. Now I have extra money to do the things that I want. I was able to travel to Europe which was always a dream and now I am able to take regular vacations with my family.  Their formula has me on the right path.

Dr. Forrest Hannon

I knew I needed an expert to show me how to move my career forward…I also knew I needed a plan and a system…Something that had already proven to be successful.  I did not have the luxury to go thru a trial and error experience. I knew immediately that I could trust them and they were clearly experts in helping others build and grow a functional medicine practice. Their support is unbelievable.  They really should be called 24 hour support service…whether it’s a call, email, or text they are always there to guide me and help me solve problems. Being a part of this group is so incredibly inspiring.

Shamis Tate

Practice was becoming more difficult as insurance reimbursements were declining…having to jump thru more hoops to get paid was getting very costly and frustrating.  I knew I needed to build up my cash services and offer something unique. I was worried that my business might fail. I have been doing this for 25 years and I know how fast things can change for the worst and I needed something like this to bulletproof my business.  These guys are very comprehensive and have figured everything out. You can tell that they have put a lot of thought and effort into this formula and they really care about my success. I have always known that there had to be a better way and The FM Success Formula has helped me insulate my business from negative change and is giving me the security that I will continue to have a viable business.

Dr. Jade Malay

I was running in a rat race trying to compete for new patients with no structure.  There was a void in my practice and things had gotten very sloppy and hectic. I was exhausted trying to keep it all going.  After working with consultants for 20 years , The FM Shift finally became the solution to my problems. I was nervous when I first started asking for more money but their systems made it work like they said it would.  The FM Success Formula has opened the door to so much more. I am able to expand with confidence and help patients that need us more than anything else.

Dr. Dan Joseph