Episode 74:

Life Insurance as an investment? Financial expert Sean Adams joins us to teach how life insurance can benefit us as employers and beneficiaries. What you will learn:

  • How life insurance as an investment can benefit your business
  • Ways life insurance is more stable than traditional investments
  • Why offering life insurance policies may be a great way to attract good employees
  • How life insurance can be used as a low-risk loan
  • What makes life insurance an excellent warehouse for your money, instead of letting your money sit in a savings account
  • How inflation can affect investments

Life Insurance as an Investment for FM Practitioners

Sean Adams is a financial expert who teaches people the benefits of using life insurance as an investment opportunity. He uses historical data to help those with discretionary income choose the best path to grow their wealth in a stable environment and create a resource that can act as a loan, a wealth-building tool, or an emergency fund. Through his work as the President of Leveraged Life Management, Sean has helped countless doctors and other professionals develop wealth-building strategies that utilize whole life insurance policies as a powerful financial vehicle.

In his own career journey, Sean realized that most financial advisors were repeating the same stale advice about wealth management over and over, so Sean decided to take matters into his own hands. He looked to the ultra-rich to see what they were doing to preserve, protect and grow their wealth, and he recognized the incredible potential of using whole life insurance policies as a savings vehicle.

Today on The FM Shift, Sean teaches us the same powerful wealth-building strategies he mastered for himself. He shares insights into why life insurance policies are a great place to grow wealth without worrying about market crashes or inflation. He also highlights the benefits of offering employees life insurance policies as an employee incentive.

Life Insurance as an Investment

How You Can Find Better Employees with Life Insurance

For employers, offering life insurance policies to their employees could be a great benefit. Employers who provide life insurance policies typically insure their employees for their worth to the company. For example, if an employee’s salary is $100,000 a year, the policy would be for the same amount.

By offering life insurance, the company does a few important things. The first is that it’s an incentive for employees to accept a job with the company. In the current market, finding qualified employees is so difficult, an incentive such as life insurance can be the difference between an empty seat and a filled seat.

Additionally, a life insurance policy benefits the company as well. If an employee passes away while employed by the company, the employee’s family receives benefits from the policy, and so does the company.

H3: Are Life Insurance Policies Immune to Inflation?

When inflation increases, are insurance companies safe to invest in? The short answer is yes. Historical records dating back to the 1890s show that these insurance warehouses have held steady, even as the stock market and the real estate industry witnessed dips, even helping investors avoid the effects of inflation.

The only exception to the insurance industry noticing dips for their investors was in 1929 at the start of the Great Depression. But even then, the insurance companies were able to provide dividends to their investors. This is because insurance companies have to make the safest investment choices based on the economic environment.

To learn more about how whole life insurance can become the ideal wealth-building resource, visit www.leveraged-life.com or check out Sean’s Wealth Secrets podcast at https://anchor.fm/wealthsecretspodcast.

About Sean Adams, in his own words:

“I spent the first 12 years of my career owning multiple small businesses. During that time I felt the overwhelming stress of banks and the government having control over my income.

Like most business owners, cash flow was always a challenge.

The hard-earned money I did actually receive always seemed to be held captive in savings & retirement accounts that were illiquid and offered next to no growth. Fast forward a few years to me selling my businesses and becoming a full time sales professional. I found myself making great commissions each month but again fell back into the same trap of having no idea where to safely stick my earnings.

I consumed hundreds of books, interviews and courses to learn as much as I could about wealth building & finance. What I found was that the ultra-rich had insider knowledge about how to protect and grow wealth and it was not being shared publicly. I made it my mission to distill down these wealth secrets and make sure everyone had access to them.

The most influential concept I discovered was the strategy of leveraging cash value life insurance as a savings asset. This approach gives you liquidity, hedges against market volatility and provides a safe, guaranteed return. My life insurance policies became a saving grace for me that changed my financial future. Because of this success, I became obsessed with spreading the message of this strategy.

We grew Leveraged Life Management from a strong desire to help professionals escape uncertainty and adopt a strategy that gives them the safety and protection they need.”

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