Episode 42: The Art of Functional Medicine Marketing

Functional medicine marketing is different. Dr. Uli Iserloh explains how to market your practice to achieve growth and scale with right-fit clients. He provides valuable insights such as:

  • What makes functional medicine marketing different, and how we should approach it to have the greatest impact
  • Why referrals alone will not lead to the growth and scale you desire
  • Why functional medicine providers should be taking an educative, awareness-based approach to marketing instead of mirroring what works in traditional medicine
  • How to niche down with your marketing strategy so you are communicating with the right prospects for your practice
  • How to nurture quality leads in a marketing funnel so they convert and produce ROI
  • What you can gain by branding your expertise and separating your practice from the pack

Functional Medicine Marketing is Different

Dr. Uli Iserloh is the founder and Chief Marketing Technologist of Big Boost Marketing, one of the foremost leaders in integrative and functional medicine marketing. He is also the COO of Evolution of Medicine and a highly sought after speaker in the functional medicine community. In this episode of The FM Shift, Dr. Iserloh joins us to share his functional medicine marketing expertise. He walks us through the fundamentals of functional medicine marketing so we can have a greater impact both as medical providers and business owners.

Referrals Alone Won’t Cut It

One thing many FM practitioners fail to realize is that functional medicine marketing is different. It is not the same as marketing a traditional medicine, chiropractic, or dental practice, and once you recognize this, you can start building an actionable marketing strategy that will attract the right-fit clients you seek. Referrals are great, but if you want to achieve growth and scale, you need a proactive approach to marketing. Clinicians need to be healers, but they also need to be educators, and marketing is the most effective line of communication with your target audience.

Educate, Don’t Sell

In traditional medicine marketing, less depth works fine because prospective patients already know everything about what they’re getting into. If someone has the flu, they go to google and search for a GP in their area. On the flip side, how can somebody search for a functional medicine provider if they don’t know what functional medicine is? Traditional medicine marketing tactics including SEO and SEM don’t translate very well. Instead of a laser-targeted, hard-selling approach to marketing, you should be taking an educative, awareness-based approach that helps prospects understand where functional medicine is better suited, and why it is a good fit for them.

Medicine Marketing

About Dr. Uli Iserloh

Dr. Uli Iserloh, Founder of Big Boost Marketing, is one of the leading marketing minds in the integrative and functional medicine space – advising many of today’s leaders on strategy and tech implementation.

Uli’s patient attraction strategies are responsible for millions of dollars in revenue and have generated tens of thousands of patient leads, including multi-million dollar online summits. He’s a frequent guest on podcasts, online summits, and a sought-after speaker on the topic of functional medicine marketing.

After 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he founded Big Boost Marketing, an award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in automated marketing systems and Facebook advertising for health and wellness professionals.

Since 2014, he is also serving as the COO for the Evolution of Medicine, guiding the company’s marketing strategy and operations.

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