Here is what the $10,000 patient HATES…

They hate that you know what’s wrong with them, that you can customize a treatment plan to fix their problem, and you’ve done enough to get them to say YES, but…

You don’t give them a way to pay you!

People in America are used to paying monthly for big purchases. They prefer it, and…

Even though they don’t want to pay interest— they will.

We’re always amazed at how many FM providers don’t know about the tools available to make their lives easier. 

FM providers seemingly resist patient financing tools like the plague, they don’t know how to use them, and ultimately keep these tools hidden from patients who desperately need them.

We’ve heard all the reasons why— and from a business perspective, they’re ALL foolish. 

From a humanitarian perspective? Well, in our opinion, it’s not a good look.

You would be sick to understand how much money you’re leaving on the table!

Imagine how many patients would have started care if you had offered payments.

Imagine how much HIGHER fees you could have charged if you offered payments.

Patient Financing Tools Save Lives

Here are some perspectives and a tool:

  • Americans prefer to buy big-ticket items with financing.
  • They don’t want to pay interest, but they absolutely will.
  • Patient financing tools SAVE LIVES.
  • You’re not a bank and should never in-house finance. NEVER!
  • Get out of the way! How they pay is none-ya.

That’s short for None-Of-Ya-Business 🙂

There are a lot of programs out there, but my favorite and the best option for our patients are using the various patient financing tools from Enhance Patient Finance.

Again make life easy on yourself. When you have an expert giving you advice…

Don’t think… Just Act!

I could go on and on about Enhance Patient Finance, but I won’t. Just use this link and they will take care of you.

This link will allow them to waive their enrollment fee:

Give your patients a way to pay so they can say yes to themselves and allow you to save their life.

Give your patients a way to pay so they can say yes to themselves and allow you to save their life.

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AUTHORS: Drs. Brandon and Heather Credeur

Drs. Brandon and Heather Credeur are the founders and directors of The FM Shift, and they know one thing for sure – You’re The Best of the Best & You Should Be Paid Accordingly!