We are all strangely drawn to things we can’t have. 

Things we perceive we can’t have become exclusive in our minds. 

And we expect to pay more for things that are exclusive.

These are fascinating laws of human nature. So powerful that even when we know they are in play, we still can’t resist.

Which brings us to one of the most important systems that must be in place in any Functional Medicine practice if you want to have any shot at making real money in your career — and oddly enough if you want to have any shot at making a real difference in this world.

We expect to pay more for things that are exclusive

Rabbit Trail Alert…

The only way you are going to do what really needs to be done — Save The World from a destructive healthcare system — is to be a Super Rich functional medicine provider.

We mean filthy rich.  


Because you are well-meaning, we know you’re heart centered, and we know you do what you do for the right reasons.

And the more money you make — the bigger difference you’ll make in the world.

Now please understand we are giving you The Keys to the Kingdom here. 

Why, you may ask?

Because the only way our mission gets fulfilled is if you’re uber-successful in FM.

the more money you make, the bigger difference you'll make in the world

Here is our best advice.  Don’t think…Just Do!

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to create exclusivity with new patients is by implementing a qualification process on the first phone call.

In other words, 3-4 scripted questions that allow your staff to determine whether or not the prospective patient is qualified to meet with you.

And you say…

“You mean I’m going to have my staff tell a potential patient they’re not qualified to even come into the office?”


And it’s a critical and powerful step to being able to significantly increase your prices, and ultimately help more patients.

Click below to get a copy of our Virtual Phone Script which will help you qualify more patients and increase your conversion rates.

AUTHORS: Drs. Brandon and Heather Credeur

Drs. Brandon and Heather Credeur are the founders and directors of The FM Shift, and they know one thing for sure – You’re The Best of the Best & You Should Be Paid Accordingly!