No Health


No Wealth.

I woke up this morning with this message for you.

This is not a post insomuch as it’s a training.

And as a “training” – it’s looonnnngggg.

Selling Functional Medicine is beyond easy.

We just get in the way.

I know that might turn you off or piss you off.

I also know there are some out there who will feign as if they know what they’re doing, they’ve been at this for 30 years, they have it all figured out — meanwhile they’re broke and haven’t fulfilled their mission yet.

I also know there are some of you who can’t even stomach the beginning of this post/training because I used the 4-letter word “SELL”.

It’ll be OK.

Here is my creed.

And it should become yours.

It is the bedrock of a sales and admissions system that built a 7.5 million dollar cash practice.

Helped 100s build multi-million dollar FM practices.

And most importantly helped tens of thousands (or more) chronically ill patients return to health.

It’s the first step in becoming GREAT at sales.

When you can’t close and money is tight – refer back to this CREED.

You can’t do ANYTHING without your health.

Health must be your #1 priority above everything else with NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Your Kids
  • Your Job & Income
  • Your House
  • Your Retirement Nest-Egg
  • Your Grandkids
  • Your Ailing Parents
  • Your GOD (I know – a stretch – but hear me out)

That is the starting point for building values and standards in your practice and infusing those intoxicating aspirations into your Admissions Process.

Pay close attention to the term — Admissions Process.

Health as your #1 priority is and should be the backbone of your sales process.

It needs to be the litmus test upon which every prospective patient is evaluated.

What “COVID-19” and a “Global Pandemic” Teaches Us.

Just take a look at it.

The ENTIRE World Economy has been shut down!


Due to a “Health Crisis!”

This world event has the potential to reshape the minds and priorities of millions.

And you should use it to your advantage.

Now don’t be a tool and think I’m referring to some nefarious activity – because I’m not.

I’m not advocating fear-based selling.

But I am advocating for making sure it’s crystal clear in the eyes of your prospective patients what the shot is.

Now – and as we come out of this you have to…

Sell into this

You have to use it to wake people up from their slumber — shake the cobwebs out — so they can mobilize themselves to convince you they are worth working with.

And here we arrive at the crux of the matter:


In street terms, the definition is this…

I’m going to evaluate you — you’re not here to evaluate me.

NOW, like no other time, is the time to pivot, get out of the patient’s way, and build a better mouse-trap.

If you want to make more money and have a larger impact you have to SHIFT.

You must build an actual Admissions System – one that is infused with the secret elixir of Positioning.

You have to be COURAGEOUS.

A WARRIOR for your patient base.

Niche out your practice with 1-3 conditions and create qualification steps at every turn.

To get from this step Mr. Patient to this step and so-on-and-so-forth you have to convince me at every turn.

“I’m on a mission and I’m only working with patients who will help me fulfill that mission.”

“I only work with patients who share those values and standards.”

The Current State of The FM Practitioner

Most docs are shaking in their boots, wondering how to put one foot in front of the other.

Applying for loans and grants that may never come – waiting for the Gestapo to allow you to leave your home again and re-open your business.

Many will close their doors, never to re-open. They will either become an associate or change careers.

Others are pivoting and adapting.

And beginning to absolutely CRUSH IT!

As an example, and this is not a brag, but rather an example of what’s possible.

As we launch virtual “dinner” talks, move to virtual ROFs, and progress to a fully integrated telemedicine platform…

We are killing it!!!

In the last 2 days, we have collected over $50,000 up-front for diabetes, thyroid, and cognitive decline care plans. All done virtually.

All treatments to be done virtually.

I have clients all over the U.S. messaging me…

“Just closed my first virtual case.”

Here is my point…

We sell a recession-proof product.

We always have — just now it’s more clear.

I encourage you to mobilize yourself.

Sell into this mess we are in

Because there really is no end in sight.

This will forever change the psyche of the masses and will likely be used as a perpetual cudgel to further indoctrinate the masses into a broken healthcare system.

You are the antidote.

No Health


No Wealth.

“You are the best of the best; you should be paid accordingly.”


Dr. Brandon David Credeur

Dr. Brandon David Credeur


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