Episode 1: Welcome to The FM Shift Podcast!

Welcome to the FM Shift Podcast! If you are a Functional medicine practitioner, you are in the right place. 

Most of us went to school for medicine, not business. So, we find ourselves in the shoes of the “accidental entrepreneur.” But to have the greatest impact on our communities, it is critical that we operate successful practices.

The FM Shift Podcast is where we explore the right clinical models, business strategies, and clinical systems for FM practitioners. Learn how practitioners can have fun, be successful, and scale their businesses to have a true impact. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Dr. Brandon David Credeur and Dr. Heather Stone DC’s backgrounds in functional medicine
  • What the FM Shift podcast aims to achieve with its weekly content
  • Who Dr. Brandon David Credeur and Dr. Heather Stone DC will be talking to on the show and the topics they will cover
  • How the FM Shift podcast will provide you with everything you need to start, grow, and scale your functional medicine practice
  • The types of real-life scenarios Dr. Brandon David Credeur and Dr. Heather Stone DC will walkthrough to help you apply the information from each episode



Drs. Brandon & Heather are two of the most successful Functional Medicine practitioners and entrepreneurs in history. Their passion, entrepreneurial acumen, and good ole fashion southern work ethic allowed them to build one the largest, if not the largest, single office cash practice in the history of Functional Medicine.

More importantly, their business success allowed them to be able to help tens of thousands of chronically ill patients return to health and escape a broken and destructive healthcare system. The Credeurs are steadfast proponents of functional medicine and getting to the root cause of disease. They are fierce advocates for this model of healthcare in their day-to-day actions and efforts, and they have been healthcare warriors at the regulatory, legislative and legal levels.

Through their coaching, consulting, and mentorship their expertise and wisdom has also been used to train hundreds of FM providers in what they call The FM Success Formula. Drs. Brandon & Heather believe that Functional Medicine should be Fun, Successful, and most of all Impactful.