Episode 66:

The risks and benefits of hypnotherapy is just one topic that special guest Wendi Friesen speaks to when she describes how hypnotherapy can benefit functional medicine practitioners in business and help their patients.

  • Insights around the risks and benefits of hypnotherapy as a treatment strategy
  • How hypnosis can help build your FM practice
  • How hypnotherapy can heal your patients
  • The relationship between hypnosis training and building rapport
  • How limiting beliefs may hold you and your patient back

Healing All With Hypnosis

Wendi is a healer, teacher, and creative marketing expert. In the early ‘90s, when Wendi was a broke single mom of two, she discovered hypnotherapy classes, which led her to create an incredibly successful business helping people. Within a year, Wendi started a million-dollar business that has since grown. Today, she has helped countless people worldwide heal from past traumas that impacted their personal and professional lives, as well as their health.

Today, on the FM Shift, Wendi teaches us about the risks and benefits of hypnotherapy for functional medicine practitioners to use in our personal lives and as an alternative treatment for our patients.

Risks and Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Positive Intention

Did you know that the power of suggestion is real? As functional medicine providers, we know how powerful our treatments can be. However, the way we present information to our patients is just as powerful.

When a traditional doctor tells a patient, “You need surgery and could have many complications with recovery,” this provides the patient with a negative intention. While the doctor likely didn’t mean to plant negative thoughts in the patient, there is a better way to communicate. These negative thoughts can lead to fear in patients and truly inhibit their recovery time. Instead, why not say, “You need surgery, but most people recover quickly, though there are a few who take more time than others to heal.”

By reframing our language, we can help create even better outcomes for our patients. Plus, the way we phrase our words can also lead to better doctor-patient relationships.

Beliefs Can Hold Us Back or Help Us Thrive

When building a functional medicine practice, we face many obstacles. One obstacle is attracting patients, especially when many insurance companies won’t cover our practice. With COVID creating a unique market, it’s been easy for functional medicine practitioners to feel defeated and like we’ll never build a successful, thriving practice.

However, there’s proof around every corner that COVID doesn’t have to stand in our way.

Believing that COVID is why your business isn’t thriving might be a limiting belief holding you back. When we hold on to limiting beliefs, there might be more to the story. Perhaps it’s a fear of failure or even a fear of success. There are many reasons a limiting belief may be holding you back. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When we open ourselves to the possibilities by removing limiting beliefs, we can see how much our services as functional medicine providers can benefit the world. Switching mindset from COVID is ruining our lives to COVID provides us with an opportunity to help even more people.

About Wendi Friesen

Wendi Friesen is a world-renowned healer who has been featured in publications like The Washington Post, GQ, Style., and many others. When Wendi first began her journey to healing people in 1994, she was a broke single mom of two, struggling to make ends meet. After discovering a hypnotherapy class, she was able to quickly build an incredibly successful business helping people. Her company, Wendi.com, soon reached incredible heights, guiding millions of people to lead more fulfilled, healthier lives.

With over 300 audio and video programs, Wendi is able to speak to many people’s needs worldwide. Her work encompasses mindset shifts that encourage growth in every aspect of her client’s lives. Through her private in-person and virtual healing sessions, Wendi has even been able to help heal patients that traditional doctors long ago gave up on. Wendi believes the mind is a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can overcome any obstacle, and she has made it her life’s mission to show people just how strong they are.

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