Episode 46:

Learn how to achieve positive success in life and in practice with success coach Adam Banning. He shares insights about:

  • Why it is important to look inward in our journey to positive success
  • How the subconscious mind affects our connection with our beliefs and our environment
  • Adam’s philosophy of “mission before money,” and how we can figure out what our mission is
  • The most common reasons why people lose sight of their soul’s purpose
  • How functional medicine providers can be more effective at building and managing relationships
  • How to develop the delivery and presentation of your ideas so you can better communicate with your audience
  • How to set actionable goals that align with your vision for the future
  • How to develop a system and a structure for communicating with your prospective patients

Reach a State of Positive Success

Adam Banning is a positive success coach who has worked with functional medicine practitioners to achieve fulfillment on many different fronts. He’s hosted and co-hosted numerous radio programs in major markets focusing on holistic health & conscious living, including The Adam Harman Show on KABC in Los Angeles. And he has also authored two critically acclaimed self-help books. In this episode of The FM Shift, Adam joins us to share insights into the development of a positive mindset so we can get the most out of our personal and professional lives.

Looking Inward

Most of the work Adam does is in the subconscious mind. As he works with functional medicine providers to help them achieve positive success, he uses different techniques such as NLP and hypnotherapy to figure out what is happening within. The subconscious mind affects the connection we have with our beliefs and our environments. It shapes our world view, the decisions we make, and how we show up in our personal and professional interactions. By familiarizing ourselves with the subconscious, we can begin to shape our perception and, in turn, our actions. Adam helps people assume the billionaire mind point of view where opportunity is rampant and accessible.

Mission Before Money

Everything that is happening outside of you is a reflection of what is happening inside of you. In the midst of this residual political and societal turmoil, it is important to remember that. We don’t have the power to change the events unfolding around us, but we do have control over our mindset. In our journey to positive success, we need to focus on just that—the journey. The results are just a byproduct of the trajectory of your soul’s journey. Adam calls this component of his philosophy “mission before money,” and it is just one of the many brilliant concepts he presents during our conversation. When you finally acknowledge the gifts and opportunities that are brought to your doorstep, you need to stay inside of that moment for as long as you can. That is how you will achieve positive success.

Positive Success

About Adam Banning

Adam has 25 years of award-winning sales, marketing, and lecturing experience in the field of Functional Medicine with Metagenics, one of the leaders in the professional niche of supplement manufacturers. He’s hosted and co-hosted numerous radio programs in major markets focusing on holistic health & conscious living, including The Adam Harman Show on KABC in Los Angeles. Adams authored two critically acclaimed self-help books entitled, Seeing the Angel in the Mirror and The Official Wizards Training Manual, Vol 1; both available on Amazon.

These days, Adam is a highly sought-after consultant in the field of personal branding and marketing helping aspiring influencers in health and fitness to significantly expand their reach through the use of Ultimate 30 Second Speeches, proven relationship-building strategies, and intuitive business coaching.

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