Episode 48:

Functional medicine marketing in a global pandemic is new territory for most of us. Learn how to approach it with key insights from Dr. Mark T. Wade such as:

  • How to approach functional medicine marketing in a global pandemic
  • How to think outside the box with your marketing strategy
  • How to position your practice to be as relevant as possible under new circumstances
  • What steps you can take to have more success with a virtual practice model
  • Why you need to focus on building a hyper-specific niche audience
  • How Dr. Wade’s approach to marketing has changed since he first responded to the pandemic

How to Approach Functional Medicine Marketing in 2020

Dr. Mark T. Wade is the founder of the Virtual Summits Software, creator of the One-Day Summit, and the host of the top-rated Virtual Summit Podcast/Summit Fest Live Conference. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs go from unknown to influencer-status with a progressive functional medicine marketing strategy that has earned its weight in gold. In this episode of The FM Shift podcast, Dr. Mark T. Wade joins us to share his story and talk about effective marketing strategies functional medicine providers can use to generate cash flow in a global pandemic.

Unconventional Functional Medicine Marketing Strategy

After more than six months of quarantine, lockdowns, and arbitrary measures taken to continue operating our functional medicine practices, the COVID-19 global pandemic has opened our eyes to what a worst-case scenario looks like. Understanding how to approach functional medicine marketing is critical in a time like this, and it is not intuitive by any means. FM providers have to think outside the box. The difference between good businesses and great businesses is that—at some point or another—great businesses had to completely reinvent who they were.

Think Outside of the Box

It is a daunting task to pivot your practice or rebuild your entire business model, but those who can adapt are the ones who will prevail. Functional medicine marketing plays a huge role in that. Thinking outside of the box starts with exploring new ways to serve others outside of your practice. Then, you have to figure out how you’re going to position your practice to be as helpful as you possibly can to anyone who comes through the door. You have to take everything you already have in place and position it so your practice is relevant under new circumstances. You achieved the level of success you were at before the pandemic for a reason. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; you just have to approach your functional medicine marketing strategy with a new perspective.

Medicine Marketing

About Dr. Mark T. Wade

Dr. Mark T Wade founder of the Virtual Summits Software, Creator of the One-Day Summit, Host of the TOP rated Virtual Summit Podcast & Summit Fest Live Conference, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs go from unknown to influencers with a Collaborative Marketing strategy. Dr. Mark went from brick & mortar to multi-million dollar online business using the strategy called the One-Day Summit Formula. Having created 6, 7 & Multi 7-figure businesses all from using summits, he now helps some of the top influencers in the world set up their Virtual Summits using these strategies.

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