Episode 69:

Medical practice marketing is just one of the many subjects special guest Brendan Coates is an expert on. He describes how functional medicine practitioners can better market their practices and build a passive income.

  • How medical practice marketing benefits your business
  • How to create a scalable marketing strategy
  • How to build a course
  • Why passive income is essential to FM practitioners
  • A few reasons why patients may not be responsive to you

The Gut Whisperer

Brendan Coates, RHN, CGP, is a clinical nutritionist, author, teacher, speaker, and PhD candidate in nutrition. With his experience building thriving online businesses, Brendan is also an expert marketer. He has an overwhelming desire to spread his message throughout the world and teach everyone that they can have a healthy life free from GI problems. Due to his incredible passion for gut health, Brendan is fondly known as The Gut Whisperer, and he hopes that one day his message will be spread throughout the world.

Today, on the FM Shift, Brendan teaches us about the importance of medical practice marketing and how functional medicine practitioners can create a marketing strategy that helps them find more patients.

Medical Practice Marketing

Creating Passive Income

When it comes to functional medicine, every doctor has a limit to how many patients they can take on. So when you’re at capacity, it can be challenging to see how you can make more money. After all, you can’t clone yourself (yet)!

So how do you scale your business and spread your message to help more people when there’s only one of you?

The answer may be more straightforward than you think. Take a moment right now to think about all of the questions your patients ask you regularly. What questions do you hate repeating over and over again, seemingly every day without any reprieve? Whatever those questions you notice you’re growing tired of answering, those will be the foundation of your first blog, pamphlet, ebook, or course.

By creating this reference guide, you can direct patients to your video rather than repeating yourself endlessly and simultaneously build your first tool for medical practice marketing and passive income. Once you have the topics in mind, you can further expand on the subject by creating ebooks, courses, pamphlets, and more. The possibilities are endless! And don’t forget that you can repeat this process with any number of subjects.

Surround Yourself with Like-minded People

As functional medicine practitioners, the world can sometimes feel a little lonely. You have to run your business, create medical practice marketing strategies, hire employees, and see your patients all on your own, and that’s just stating the obvious job responsibilities.

But even with all these tasks we’re responsible for, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer alone. There are plenty of functional medicine practitioners who want to connect and feel supported. Having that sense of camaraderie is one of the most important aspects of your business, especially in this new normal when so many are struggling.

It’s not just about forging friendships, though. When we surround ourselves with like-minded people, we can build a stronger business. Creating connections in the industry can help you build a stronger business and even help you build the confidence you need to make your business thrive.

When you have the support, especially from a mentor who has been where you are now, you start to see yourself and the world in an entirely different light, and that world usually looks a whole lot better.

About Brendan Coates

Brendan Coates, RHN, CGP, is a clinical nutritionist, author, teacher, speaker, and PhD candidate in nutrition. His extensive sports, fitness modeling, and bodybuilding background give him an advantage over most fitness and wellness professionals as he seamlessly integrates his knowledge in nutrition, athletic, and health coaching. Brendan works part-time at an inpatient substance addiction clinic in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and has a thriving clinical practice in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. His objective in his practice is to create tailor-made protocols unique to each patient’s needs and individual choices. His overwhelming desire to spread his message has led him to teach nutrition classes and educational workshops across the GTA and internationally via the internet. Brendan’s goals include expanding his clinic and eventually teaching and speaking globally!

How to Connect with Brendan Coates:

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