Episode 47:

Justin Prince explains what medical entrepreneurs can do to conquer the climb to financial freedom. He shares insights about:

  • How his diverse work experiences gave him the tools to become a successful entrepreneur
  • Why you should be acting as a guide, not a hero
  • His philosophy of climbing the entrepreneurial ladder
  • When you should delegate tasks to free up time for revenue-generating activities
  • Steps medical entrepreneurs can take to thrive in a commission model
  • How to add more value to the marketplace to increase your earning potential
  • How to get out of your own way so you can move forward with your success journey

The Entrepreneurial Ladder in Functional Medicine

Justin Prince is an incredible entrepreneur on a mission to share strategies, motivation, and skills functional medicine entrepreneurs need to take their businesses to the next level. He is a catalyst for success with tons of valuable insights gleaned from his experiences as a business owner. Everything that Justin teaches is based on what he is doing in his own businesses today, and in this episode of The FM Shift, Justin joins us to share his entrepreneurial journey. He talks about his philosophy of achieving mastery so you can achieve financial freedom and make a greater impact on the world.

Building Your Legacy

We are all familiar with the notion of climbing the corporate ladder. The goal is to graduate to an executive position until we are replaced by someone younger and cheaper so we can live out our bitter days on the golf course. As medical entrepreneurs, we have the option to forge our own paths. The entrepreneurial ladder leads to freedom if you can pull it off. From hourly, to salaried, to straight-commission, to asset-building, and finally, legacy, the entrepreneurial ladder gives us an opportunity to build wealth in alignment with our vision for the future. This is not about what you accomplish, it is about what you accomplished with the gifts and talents you were given, as well as how you did it.

Achieving Mastery as Medical Entrepreneurs

In the career arc of medical entrepreneurs, many of you are stuck on the commission rung of the entrepreneurial ladder. The harsh reality is that, even though that rung is beyond salary, the struggle to thrive in a commission model leaves many of you making less than you would on salary anyway. From that position, you can’t even begin to think about asset-building or legacy. We need to work more ON the business, and less IN the business if we are to achieve mastery. Once you achieve mastery in the commission level, you will be prepared to work toward growth, scalability, and eventually, the sale of your practice. That is the path to financial freedom, and that is how you will make the greatest impact on your community.

Medical Entrepreneurs

About Justin Prince

Justin Prince is a family man, entrepreneur, and health and fitness enthusiast who has displayed an insatiable drive to succeed throughout every chapter of his life. He went from selling out of a mall kiosk with no college education to building 4 different multi-million dollar businesses that have generated over $1 Billion dollars in total revenue. He has shared his passion and success story in over 20 countries around the world and inspires over 1 million people a day from his social media platforms. Justin’s passion is to provide people the strategies, motivation, and skills they need to intentionally ignite the greatness that lies within them and go from the person they are to the person they are born to become.

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