Episode 53:

Dr. Ben Galyardt discusses his perspective on glucose management in all types of functional medicine treatment plans. Hear insights about:

  • The fundamental framework of Dr. Ben’s new book, “Blood Sugar Doesn’t Lie”
  • Why glucose management is such an important factor in functional medicine treatment
  • Why Dr. Ben gives every patient a copy of his book and a glucometer, regardless of their condition
  • How blood sugar spikes and crashes impact patient health in the big picture
  • How Dr. Ben communicates the importance of glucose management to his patients
  • Why Dr. Ben evaluates urine color as a part of his treatment plans
  • Dr. Ben’s perspective on the questionably oppressive nature of the projected COVID vaccine release

Glucose Management in Functional Medicine

Dr. Ben Galyardt is a functional medicine doctor, chiropractor, and the founder/owner of two clinics, Functional Medicine Centers of Fort Collins, CO and Phoenix, AZ. His passion for functional medicine started after he witnessed the incredible role it played in reversing his mother’s MS and giving her a fulfilling life again. Since then, Dr. Ben has expanded upon his passion with multiple book releases, the latest being, “Blood Sugar Doesn’t Lie.” In this episode of The FM Shift, he shares a unique perspective on glucose management and how blood sugar ties into every health-related issue his patients aim to resolve.

Monitoring Blood Sugar

One unique practice that sets Dr. Ben apart is that he gives every patient a copy of his book and a glucometer, regardless of the condition. This all started when he began to explore the metabolic factors behind cancer as opposed to genetics. The reality is that whenever your blood sugar spikes or crashes throughout the day, you’re going to rev up the immuno-response and destroy more tissue. Glucose management can help patients monitor what their blood sugar is doing, and by giving every patient an affordable glucometer, the information Dr. Ben has been able to collect is astonishing.

Stabilization of Glucose Levels

As we’ve seen using biomarkers like the GlycoMark, it is not so much the fluctuations as the spikes in blood sugar levels that put patients at significant risk. In glucose management, sharp ups, and sharp downs are the main culprit behind the inflammatory process. Because of the impact blood sugar swings can have on hormone and adrenaline levels, it is critical to get the glucose under control no matter what condition the patient is being treated for. That is why during the first couple of weeks, Dr. Ben’s number one priority is to stabilize the blood sugar levels of all his patients.

Glucose Management

About Dr. Ben Galyardt

Dr. Ben realized the healing power of FM when his mom was diagnosed with MS and went down the traditional neurology route until she was in a wheelchair and on every drug available. when she found a doctor that was able to uncover the underlying imbalances, she reversed her MS, has no more plaquing, does granny book camp, and most importantly her grandkids get to know her and love her.

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