Episode 34: Empowering Patients Through Functional Medicine

Pursuing Natural Treatment

  • Alison’s bout with cancer and how it led to her career in oncology nutrition
  • How Alison discovered that she was not a good candidate for chemo, radiation, and pharmaceuticals
  • Why Alison decided to identify and address the root causes of her tumor instead of pursuing traditional treatments
  • Why our patients always have the power and sovereignty to advocate for themselves
  • How we can empower our patients by helping them overcome fear
  • The core clinical approaches that Alison’s clients use to treat themselves at home

Pursuing Natural Treatment

Our guest in this week’s podcast is Alison Gannett. She is a cancer survivor with an amazing story that led to an entire career in customized oncology nutrition. As a virtual coach, Alison uses her clients’ extensive blood chemistry lab testing, Nutrition Genome DNA profile, and detailed health history to create personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans that meet their goals. In this episode of the FM Shift, Alison joins us to share her story and talk about how functional medicine has empowered patients to pursue the best treatment options for them.

Oncology Nutrition

In 2013, Alison started experiencing strange episodes of memory loss and other symptoms that eventually led her to the E.R. She was diagnosed with an aggressive malignant brain tumor, which gives the average person about six months. She tried to make changes in her life to see what differences it would make, and that is what sparked her interest in oncology nutrition. Alison forewent chemo, radiation, and any other type of pharmaceutical treatment because there was no known cure and everything the doctors had recommended was just intended to extend her life a bit. Instead, she decided to address the root cause of her cancer and reverse what was causing it.

We Are the CEO of Our Health

If you looked at the big picture of Alison’s tumor molecular report combined with her personal DNA and lab work, it showed that she was not a good candidate for chemo, radiation, and pharmaceuticals. But at the same time, when Alison wanted to look into oncology nutrition and pursue natural treatment options instead, many of her doctors wanted to drop her as a patient. It is important to remember that we are the CEOs of our health. As functional medicine providers, this means that despite the immense pressure in pharmaceutical medicine, our patients always have the sovereignty and the power to advocate for themselves.

Oncology Nutrition | Empowering Patients Through Functional Medicine

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About Alison Gannett

Alison Gannett specializes in customized oncology nutrition, with support to prevent and conquer cancer. Her virtual one-on-one coaching personalizes each client’s nutrition and lifestyle plan using their extensive blood chemistry lab testing, their Nutrition Genome DNA profile, and their detailed health history. Her latest project encompasses her heart and soul: Conquer Cancer with Keto – Alison’s 28 Day DIY Program, which is an easy to follow, step-by-step video series for those wishing a nutritional and lifestyle reset program to prevent or conquer cancer.

She is a former World Champion extreme skier and award-winning climate change consultant. She and her husband grow and raise almost all their own keto food, veggies, and animals, at their remote FARM-acy in Paonia, Colorado. https://alisongannett.com

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