Episode 31: Hiring Practices in the Post-COVID Climate

Functional Medicine Providers: What You Will Learn:

  • Lisa’s journey into the functional medicine niche
  • How functional medicine providers can identify opportunities for growth as they come out of the crisis
  • Challenges that FM practitioners should be prepared for as they start to explore the new talent pool and begin the hiring process
  • How to position your practice to stand out and attract higher caliber employees
  • Hiring practices that will put an end to the revolving door of employees at your practice

Hiring During a Crisis

Lisa McDonald is the founder and owner of Integrated Connections, a consultative search and placement firm serving integrative and functional medicine providers. After experiencing the transformative powers of this medicine firsthand, Lisa set out with a vision to change healthcare through her work. She joins us on this episode of The FM Shift to share her journey and talk about the work her firm is doing to support the functional medicine movement.

Prepare for Growth

When COVID first started, there was a drop in jobs for functional medicine providers. But those jobs are coming back, and in August we were back at equilibrium with August 2019. In October 2020, there is nothing but opportunity in the functional medicine field, and patient demand is going to be driving business now more than ever. There is also a group of doctors that has seen traditional medicine completely fail them during this crisis, so they are migrating toward our movement after witnessing the effectiveness of functional medicine. The industry is booming right now, so functional medicine providers should do everything in their power to prepare for growth.

Build a Team That Aligns With Your Vision

One of the ways functional medicine providers can prepare their practices for growth is by learning how to navigate the new hiring field in the post-COVID climate. Go digital with your hiring process. Position your practice to stand out and attract a deeper talent pool. Learn how to properly vet prospective employees so you can put an end to the revolving door of staff members at your practice. All of these things will help set you up for success by making sure you’re ready to take on every new opportunity with a reliable team behind you.

Functional Medicine Providers | Hiring Practices in the Post-COVID Climate

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About Lisa McDonald

Lisa McDonald founded Integrated Connections in 2009 with a vision to change healthcare. Integrated Connections is a consultative search and placement firm for Integrative and Functional Medicine. Lisa experienced the transformative powers of this medicine firsthand and remains committed to supporting the Functional Medicine movement.

With over 20 years of Human Resources Management experience, and a passion and in-depth understanding of the field, Lisas offers rare expertise that also comes from 10 years of working closely with a variety of organizations to include health systems and small private practices. Her work has given her a unique aerial view of the field as she has witnessed its growing emergence into mainstream medicine.

Over the years, Integrated Connections has adapted to the changing climate of healthcare and continued to support the growth of Integrative and Functional Medicine. Their services expanded from recruitment to a career platform in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine, and they recently launched The Integrated Connections Academy, which offers courses for clinicians and employers in the field that support their growth.

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