Episode 39: The Art of Client Attraction

Functional Medicine Practitioners: What You Will Learn:

  • The best way for functional medicine practitioners to approach new patient attraction
  • Whether or not doctors should be focused on new patients or convert-and-retain
  • How COVID has impacted sales and marketing strategy in functional medicine
  • Why your client attraction strategy should be focused on engagement and community building
  • What your patient population needs to know and believe about you in order to do business with you
  • What Dr. Neilson-Watt learned through his interactions with prospective patients
  • How Dr. Neilson-Watt overcame the frustration of client attraction and found a strategy that worked for him
  • Why you should focus on qualifying the right patients instead of selling your system to anyone that comes through the door

Client Attraction in Functional Medicine

Dr. James Neilson-Watt is a coach, mentor, and the author of “The Million Dollar Practice.” He is also the host of the podcast, “Healthcare Business Secrets.” His mission is to help functional medicine practitioners scale and create more money, meaning, and freedom in their lives. In this episode of The FM Shift, Dr. Neilson-Watt joins us to explain how he is living out that vision through his company, Practice Mastery, a premium done-with-you training program for practice owners who are serious about creating long-term success. He talks about how he helps functional medicine practitioners build hyper-successful healthcare practices and generate the revenue, impact, and lifestyle they deserve.

New Patients + Convert-and-retain

Dr. Neilson-Watt has coached over 10,000 clients in 25 industries, in more than 14 countries. With all of this exposure, he has become an expert in new patient attraction. Any time I talk to functional medicine practitioners, that is one of the main areas they struggle with. Do you focus on getting new patients? Or should your efforts be placed on convert-and-retain? Dr. Neilson-Watt says it needs to be a little bit of both, but because practices often don’t have a good back-end, they mistakenly put the bulk of their energy into getting new patients through the door.

COVID’s Impact on Practice Growth for Functional Medicine Practitioners

Unfortunately, COVID has significantly reduced the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies functional medicine practitioners have relied upon for so long. The wells are starting to dry up because doctors have been dependent on factors beyond their control. If you want to grow your business, you need to be in control of a few key things like client attraction. Dr. Neilson-Watt approaches this by focusing on engagement and community building as fundamental pillars of new business development. If we can control the conversation around our products, services, and our brands, we can cut through the noise with a message that resonates with our audiences.

 Functional Medicine Practitioners | The Art of Client Attraction

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About Dr. James Neilson-Watt

James started his career like most new grads…stuck in a dead-end clinic and hustling to pay the bills…

But with a relentless drive to succeed, he purchased a run-down clinic and tripled it in 3 months, and within 2 years had generated over a million dollars in revenue.

Fast forward to today, he now runs Practice Mastery a premium done-with-you training program for practice owners who are serious about creating long-term success.

He helps them build hyper-successful healthcare practices & generate the revenue, impact & lifestyle they deserve.

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