Episode 27: Integrative Cardiology in Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Practitioner: What You Will Learn:

  • What inspired Dr. Twyman to become a functional medicine practitioner
  • How Dr. Twyman evaluates patients who are at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
  • How patients react to the way traditional cardiology test results match up to Dr. Twyman’s prognosis
  • The different types of treatments Dr. Twyman uses in integrative cardiology and the results he is seeing
  • How Dr. Twyman positions his practice to the public
  • What Dr. Twyman does to get his patients into a consistent regimen and help them follow through with treatment
  • How different types of light can affect your overall health, and how to mitigate them
  • The different ways Dr. Twyman evaluates his patients’ mitochondrial health and how he helps them make lifestyle changes to improve it

Integrative Cardiology

Dr. Michael Twyman is an integrative cardiologist that specializes in stroke and heart attack prevention. One of his core missions as a functional medicine practitioner is to help patients find their risk levels—not only to halt the damage—but to reverse the disease process itself. It is an inspiring and courageous endeavor from a medical position. On this episode of The FM Shift, we are happy to share the stage with him to help him advance his cause.

Prevention is the Key

The big question that inspired Dr. Michael Twyman to become a functional medicine practitioner is— “if we have the patient’s weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other factors controlled, why do they keep coming back?” It drew Dr. Twyman to the preventative side of his specialization. He began looking at advanced lipid profiles and inflammation, eventually leading him to connect with a group of like-minded individuals who sought ways to prevent/reverse these diseases completely. That group is the St. Louis Institute of Integrative Medicine.

Into Uncharted Territory

If you’re having a heart attack, you obviously want well-trained individuals taking care of you. But if you really want to get to the root cause, you have to dive much deeper. As a functional medicine practitioner who goes against the grain, Dr. Twyman certainly has unique obstacles to overcome in treatment. But he rarely faces scrutiny from his colleagues, and that is important to note. Functional medicine is still new, but it is finally in the mainstream. We have an opportunity to treat more and more patients with revolutionary practices like Dr. Twyman’s by looking at the big picture. However, in many instances, this leads us into uncharted territory.

Functional Medicine Practitioner | Integrative Cardiology in Functional Medicine

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About Dr. Michael Twyman

Dr. Michael Twyman focuses on the prevention and early detection of heart disease. Heart attack prevention is his passion. Utilizing the best of conventional medicine, integrative/functional medicine, quantum medicine, and biohacking he works to get to the root cause of your cardiovascular issues. Dr. Twyman can help you live your optimal life.

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