Episode 25: The Transformation of Functional Medicine as We Know It

Functional Medicine Practitioners: What You Will Learn:

  • James’ journey into the field of functional medicine
  • How James has been able to help functional medicine practitioners move the needle and grow their business
  • How functional medicine is changing, and what doctors can do to get on the front end of this new movement
  • Why it is so important to get buy-in from your patients in the new era of functional medicine
  • James’ perspective on what functional medicine is, and what it should be
  • Different factors that are helping push functional medicine into the mainstream
  • How the commercialization of functional medicine could potentially screw it up
  • The 5C model of functional medicine transformation

A New Era of Functional Medicine

James Maskell is the founder of The Functional Forum, a monthly program that covers the most important clinical topics, practice development strategies, and the latest health technology for functional medicine practitioners. He also hosts the Evolution of Medicine podcast, which just celebrated its 80th episode. And he is the author of two books, “The Community Cure” and “The Evolution of Medicine.” In this episode of The FM Shift, James joins us to share his journey into the functional medicine field. He shares his perspective on what functional medicine is and what it should be so we can make a greater impact on a greater number of people.

Back to the Roots

James has been on an incredible journey so far, and since 2014, he has been helping functional medicine practitioners find new ways to move the needle and grow their business. James is able to offer a unique perspective to business problems at FM practices because he doesn’t look at them through the lens of a clinician. He has been able to help doctors digitize their practices, build a low-overhead business model, and pursue their passion for functional medicine full-time with greater profitability. James is going back to the fundamental roots of functional medicine, because before we can address the needs of individual people, we have to transform their desire to want to participate.

Getting Buy-in From Your Patients

The real work of functional medicine practitioners is coming face-to-face with another human being and helping them create a plan of attack to address the things that are making them unhealthy. With a more effective business model in place, these types of doctors can make an impact on a greater number of patients. The most effective functional medicine practices James has worked with put lifestyle first. Once you put your patients in control of their own life and act as a guide on their journey, you will see your practice grow. If you want to get in the front end of this new era of functional medicine, you have to get more buy-in from your patients, helping them understand why they will see results from working with you, and how to participate in their care.

Functional Medicine Practitioners | The Transformation of Functional Medicine as We Know It

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About James Maskell

James Maskell is a serial healthcare founder, innovating at the intersection of functional medicine and community.

Projects include the Functional Forum: the world’s largest functional medicine conference, Evolution of Medicine: content and communities dedicated to transforming chronic disease care and Knew Health: an affordable alternative to health insurance for health-conscious Americans.

He lectures and hosts internationally, and has been featured on TEDMED, Huffpost Live, Further Future, and TEDx. He serves as faculty for physician education on topics of practice management, group medical visits, and health technology.

He advises and accelerates startups focused on health creation.

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