Episode 23: The Big Picture of Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Practitioner: What You Will Learn:

  • The writing and publishing process for Dr. Bartemus’ book, The Autoimmune Answer
  • How Dr. Bartemus approaches to each autoimmunity case that comes through his practice
  • Different types of tests that Dr. Bartemus uses in autoimmunity cases
  • The main cases Dr. Bartemus sees as a functional medicine practitioner, chiropractor, and FM provider
  • Dr. Bartemus’ process for treating autoimmunity
  • How Dr. Bartemus has structured his business model
  • Dr. Bartemus’ system for vetting and evaluating prospective patients
  • Dr. BArtemus favorite types of cases to work with
  • How to deal with the patient dynamic when they are between you and a traditional medical doctor
  • Why Dr. Bartemus is proactive with patient testimonials

Autoimmunity and Functional Medicine

Dr. John Bartemus is a chiropractor, a functional medicine practitioner, and a certified FM provider. He is also the author of “The Autoimmune Answer,” and he hosts the Life at Optimal podcast. Dr. Bartemus has over 700 videos on his YouTube channel where he shares his expertise with doctors and patients alike. And in this episode of the FM Shift, he joins us to bring some of that expertise to our audience. Dr. Bartemus walks us through his approach to treating autoimmunity patients, and he discusses the structure of his unique business model. He also talks about his process for vetting and evaluating new patients so we can make practicing more fun and more profitable.

Looking at the Big Picture

As a functional medicine practitioner, 90% of the patients that come through Dr. Bartemus’ practice are experiencing something related to autoimmunity. His success with these patients lies in his ability to identify and treat them as autoimmunity cases, not as RA patients. Dr. Bartemus treats his patients with the whole of their physiology in mind, and he does not address their symptoms as if they were in a vacuum. He builds each case around the individual and changes his treatment plan based on what’s working and what is not.

It is Okay to be Selective

Dr. Bartemus’ style as a functional medicine practitioner is developed around “completing the puzzle.” He looks at the entire medical history of a patient so he can determine the best course of action in the present. He has a thorough business model to keep his practice profitable while he dedicates an exceptional level of time and energy to understanding the unique needs of each prospective patient. And he isn’t afraid to vet and evaluate patients so he can find the right core customers for his practice. A lot of practitioners get stuck in a scarcity mindset, but when you are selective of who you work with, practicing becomes more rewarding financially and mentally.

Functional Medicine Practitioner | The Big Picture of Functional Medicine

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About Dr. John Bartemus

Dr. John Bartemus is a Chiropractic Physician who strives to meet the standard for health care that Thomas Edison set over a century ago. Now more than ever, our society needs holistic doctors who are devoted to finding the unique cause of each individual person’s issues and correcting it in a natural, drug-free way.

Time and research have shown that more drugs do not equal more health. Our nation is suffering from a burden of chronic disease that is not the result of a deficiency of pharmaceuticals. It is the result of a lack of knowledge as to what our bodies require to be healthy. Our society is built on a magic bullet paradigm, this will never lead to health. Disease did not happen overnight, neither will health.

If you are looking for an objective, evidence-based, holistic integrative health doctor to help you determine the cause of your dysfunction(s) and remove them, Dr. John Bartemus is here to help you.

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