Episode 19: Game-Changing Financing Tools for FM Practitioners

Functional Medicine Practice: What You Will Learn:

  • Patient financing tools that most FM practitioners don’t even know exist for their Functional Medicine Practice
  • Systems you can put in place to increase revenue while helping more patients
  • Toni’s approach to working with multiple lending sources
  • How Toni interacts with her clients from a customer service perspective
  • Common reasons financing is not approved and how to avoid them
  • How EPF works with practitioners and their staff to make the implementation and use of new financing tools headache-free
  • How to build and maintain a good relationship with your lenders
  • Toni’s perspective on how doctors can use financing tools to help their patients

Increase Your Revenue and Help More Patients

If you operate your functional medicine practice with a cash model, you need an easy, seamless way for patients to pay for your services. In this episode of The FM Shift, I interview our secret weapon for financing in the functional medicine industry, Toni Vienna. Toni is the founder, owner, and director of Enhanced Patient Finance, and she joins us to talk about patient financing tools that most FM practitioners don’t even know exist. We also talk about the systems that have helped us 5X our revenue while serving more patients simultaneously.

The Future of Financing in Functional Medicine

When Americans purchase big-ticket items, the overwhelming majority opts to chip away at the balance with a monthly payment plan. Because of this trend, the patient financing tool is a critical aspect of the functional medicine industry for patients and practitioners alike. But many doctors shy away from it because they don’t understand it, they don’t have the right partners, or they simply don’t have the right systems in place to support it. Toni’s firm works with eight different lending sources that provide patients and practitioners more financial flexibility so they can find a way to work together. This is organized in a computer interface that enables you to sort lenders by filters and submit applications with ease.

Financing Options for Every Scenario

Functional medicine providers offer high-value services which are typically reflected by the cost of services. But many doctors have a tendency to charge patients based on what they think is realistic for them to pay upfront or on a monthly basis. Enhanced Patient Finance’s platform will open a line of credit for as little as $500, and on the extended payment plan, it goes all the way up to $60,000. With a variety of interest rate programs, there is a wide array of combinations that make it easy to work with new patients while increasing your revenue.

Functional Medicine Practice | Game-Changing Financing Tools for FM Practitioners

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About Toni Vienna

Toni Vienna prides herself on having a thorough understanding of the competition and market needs thanks to more than three decades of industry experience. She started as the 1st trainer for the competition and also has a background in medical office management. Toni, along with her best-in-class business strategists, has made it her mission to get patients the most excellent care with the best possible terms, thereby keeping medical practices thriving and successful.

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