Episode 51:

Dr. Jared Stubblefield discusses the unique approach to pain management in his functional medicine practice. Hear insights about:

  • Dr. Jared’s journey as a functional medicine provider
  • What inspired Dr. Jared to pursue a functional medicine approach to dealing with pain and inflammation
  • How Dr. Jared adopted an integrated clinic model
  • Dr. Jared’s experience with regenerative medicine and stem cells
  • How Dr. Jared communicates the functional medicine approach to pain and inflammation to his patients
  • How Dr. Jared eliminated financial barriers to treatment in his practice
  • The impact COVID had on Dr. Jared’s practice with the in-person component
  • How Dr. Jared is maintaining his patient flow and marketing his practice

Treating Pain And Inflammation in Your Functional Medicine Practice

Dr. Jared Stubblefield is the Owner and Clinic Director of Keystone Functional Medicine, a unique multidisciplinary functional medicine practice. He has found that post-injury treatment is most effective when patients have access to and care from a team of healthcare professionals from different backgrounds and specializations. Dr. Jared has made it his mission to bring them all together under one roof to complement his training in functional neurology, functional medicine, pediatrics, and his extensive background in clinical nutrition. In this episode of The FM Shift, Dr. Jared joins us to share his story and talk about his unique approach to pain management in functional medicine.

A Time of Crisis

Dr. Jared followed in his father’s footsteps and became a chiropractor, spending the early years of his career working directly with him. In that time, he gained more exposure to work comp and personal injury, where he began to see many flaws in the treatment options that were available. This experience pushed Dr. Jared to transition to a functional medicine practice model with a more progressive approach to dealing with pain and inflammation. With the opioid crisis raging and limited alternatives for pain management, he stepped up to the plate determined to do anything he could to make a difference.

Adopting the Integrated Clinic Model

In the past, injury patients would go to Dr. Jared’s functional medicine practice for therapy, then head off for the appropriate treatment by medical doctors. These doctors would prescribe an absurd amount of narcotics which merely masked the problem and created other health risks simultaneously. When the feds shut that down, medical doctors turned to steroids which bring an entirely new set of problems to the table. In response to such inadequate treatment options, Dr. Jared adopted an integrated clinic model so that he could offer patients access to a medical doctor in-house. This changed the course of his practice’s approach to treatment and it has been exemplary ever since.

Functional Medicine Practice

About Dr. Jared Stubblefield

Dr. Jared followed in his father’s footsteps in becoming a Chiropractor and spent his first year of practice in his hometown learning from his father’s many years of experience helping individuals live healthy, pain-free lives. During that time he found that he has a special interest in caring for patients who have experienced injuries and in helping his patients navigate the medical-legal issues that can arise with an injury. He received extensive training from The Spine Research Institute of San Diego and Smart Injury Doctors. This specialized training taught him specific diagnostic procedures for spinal ligament injuries that are often missed entirely, misdiagnosed or treated without success. He uses specific protocols to help injured individuals return to normal function and live pain-free lives and is trained to work with injury attorneys. He has also received post-doctoral training in neonatal and pediatric chiropractic care, functional neurology and functional medicine, including extensive training in nutritional healing, with a specific focus on chronic pain and the inflammatory responses of the body. His passion is identifying the source of the symptoms his patients are experiencing and finding treatments and solutions that restore them to whole health and function. He has found that this is achieved best when patients have access to and care from a team of healthcare professionals from different backgrounds and training. He has made it his mission to bring them all together under one roof at Keystone Functional Medicine, to offer his patients an unparalleled opportunity for whole health. He loves spending time with his family, playing baseball, watching baseball (when it is the San Francisco Giants, sorry Philly fans), hiking, fishing, gardening, or just about anything outdoors.

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