Episode 18: The Journey to Functional Medicine

Welcome to The FM Shift podcast. I’m one of your hosts Dr. Brandon David Credeur and I’m super excited to share today’s episode with you.

Heather and I were recently interviewed by Stephen Woessner on his podcast, Onward Nation, which is a top-rated business podcast.

He asked really probing questions that pulled out great content that you can use to have more fun, be more successful, and make the impact you’re looking to make in your FM practice.

We talk about our early challenges, how we overcame those challenges, and more importantly used them as a springboard to polish our business model.

We also talk about the realization we had early on that we had to be more than clinicians to build the practice of our dreams, have the lifestyle we wanted, and make the impact in the patient community we know we needed to make.

And finally, we dug deep to pull out several key lessons we learned along the way that helped us get to the very top of the FM profession.

I think you will love the content and get a lot out of it.

So without further ado here is Heather and I being interviewed on the Onward Nation podcast.

In this unique episode of the FM Shift podcast, Brandon and Heather are interviewed by Stephen Woessner, host of the Onward Nation podcast and CEO of Predictive ROI, to discuss how they initially discovered Functional Medicine and why they chose to make it the focus of their work.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Brandon and Heather discovered Functional Medicine and why it became the focus of their practice
  • What early challenges they faced and how their business model changed
  • Why learning business leadership was a vital new skill they had to develop
  • Why mentoring with others was a necessary step in the growth of their practice
  • Why following their passion for Functional Medicine led to tremendous business growth
  • How Brandon and Heather became coaches for other doctors through the FM Shift platform
  • What key lessons Brandon and Heather have learned on their journey