Episode 15: Beyond the Bounds of the Medical Industry

Dr. Sean McCaffrey is a chiropractic specialist and a functional medicine provider based out of Springfield, Illinois. He owns and operates the McCaffrey health center, which is the culmination of generations of passion for functional medicine and the drive to make a difference in people’s lives.

Dr. McCaffrey built his entire career on the notion that stress is the cause of all diseases, and in this episode of The FM Shift, he shares his journey with us. He explains how he built and scaled his practice outside of the industry standard in medicine.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Dr. McCaffrey’s journey into functional medicine
  • How Dr. McCaffrey built and scaled his practice
  • Why Dr. McCaffrey believes stress is the cause of all diseases
  • How Dr. McCaffrey applies the triad of health in his practice
  • How Dr. McCaffrey broke out of the industry-standard model for functional medicine
  • What makes Dr.McCaffrey different from other practitioners in his office
  • The business/financial side of Dr. McCaffrey’s business
  • How Dr. McCaffrey uses urine analysis to treat his patients
  • How Dr. McCaffrey has approached COVID with his patients and staff, and how it has affected his practice



Dr. Sean McCaffrey is a leading integrative health and wellness professional who is passionate about changing people’s lives through common sense healthcare. Dr. Sean’s approach to staying healthy is to treat the stress that causes disease over time.

Dr. Sean helps his clients restore normal body function through his proprietary McCaffrey method, an integrative healthcare system that reclaims lives through a customized blend of cutting-edge analytical and diagnostic technologies, chiropractic adjustments, natural treatment methods, and nutrition/digestion.

He holds a Post-Doctoral License in Digestive Health and Internal Health, as well as a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. He has mastered multiple fields of alternative medicine, including a dozen styles of acupuncture, indigenous medicine, and vibrational medicine.

Dr. Sean’s works have been published in a variety of medical journals and he has been a key-note speaker and lecturer at over 100 venues throughout the country. Dr. Sean has been featured in multiple media outlets, including Everyday Health, Reader’s Digest, and New York Magazine’s ‘The Strategist’. He is also the host of the weekly radio show ‘House Call with Dr. Sean McCaffrey’ airing Saturdays at 8 am Central on 1450 AM WFMB.