Episode 63:

Diabetes and intermittent fasting is just one strategy that special guest Geoffery Woo explains how functional medicine practitioners can help their patients optimize human performance and physiology with alternative medical treatments.

  • Insights around diabetes and intermittent fasting as a treatment strategy
  • The difference between exogenous ketones and endogenous ketones
  • What may count as breaking an intermittent fast
  • The relationship between ketosis and diabetes
  • How functional medicine practitioners can give patients tools for success

Optimizing Patient Health through Science

Geoffrey is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology, which he combines with his love for being healthy. When he realized that science and technology could help optimize human health, he knew he had to bring his knowledge to the field. That’s when he founded his current company, HVMN.

Today, on the FM Shift, Geoffery talks about how science and technology go hand-in-hand with medicine and how functional medicine practitioners can help their patients optimize their health and everyday performance with individualized nutritional plans.

Diabetes and Intermittent Fasting

Achieving Optimal Health

As functional medicine providers, we are thought leaders who our patients look to for the most current medical treatments when looking for strategies to optimize their health. You’re responsible for providing your patients with cutting edge treatment plans — and as technology continues to accelerate — and your patients gain access to the same information we do — it’s even more critical for your relationships with patients that you generously share your insights, teach, and help them make better choices.

Now, more than ever, patients have access to the same journals and studies we do — and for patients fully invested in their health — it’s important to position ourselves as experts regarding which treatment is right for them based on their goals and expectations.

Popular Dietary Trends as Medical Treatment

You’ve likely heard about diabetes and intermittent fasting as a treatment strategy for diabetic patients. But — we took the opportunity to have a discussion with Geoffrey about the long-term effects of ketosis and whether intermittent fasting is safe to consider for diabetes.

While current research doesn’t show any adverse effects from extended ketosis — it may not be for everyone. However, patients such as those with Type II Diabetes may see great results from prolonged ketosis, making the keto diet, and/or fasting, potentially great treatment plans.

On the other hand, high-performing athletes looking for ways to make gains may not see their desired results while in ketosis. As always, each patient situation is different, but with all the benefits ketosis and intermittent fasting can create, it may be an excellent treatment plan for some of your patients.

About Geoffrey Woo

Geoffrey Woo is a graduate of Stanford University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in computer science with a specialty in Distributed Systems and Information Technology. After graduating with honors, Geoffrey co-founded Glassmap Inc., where he worked as the CEO until Groupon acquired it.

After his time in Silicon Valley with his startup, Geoff noticed a trend in the tech world. Everyone was focusing on optimizing technology and not the humans behind the technology. That’s when he decided to help optimize human physiology using his in-depth knowledge of technology. Soon after he decided this, Geoffery co-founded HVMN, where he is currently the Executive Chairman.

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