Episode 43: Creative Ways to Increase Patient Volume in a Pandemic

If you are looking for creative ways to increase patient volume in your functional medicine practice, Dr. Brad Watts’s shares invaluable insights about:

  • How FM practices have been able to thrive in a global pandemic
  • Creative ways to increase patient volume and scale your clinical visits in a functional medicine practice
  • Why we need to stop bending the knee to disease and become leaders in our communities
  • Understanding what it means to lead with clarity vs. commitment
  • What functional medicine practitioners should be committed to right now
  • How to position your practice to take advantage of the booming functional medicine marketplace

Focus on Health and Wellness

This week, we are excited to have our good friend Dr. Brad Watts on the podcast to talk about creative ways to increase patient volume in functional medicine and clinical nutrition. He is the host of “The Nutrition Hero” podcast and a consultant who helps doctors looking to scale clinical visits and treatments in their offices. In this episode of The FM Shift, Dr. Watts joins us to talk about what successful functional medicine practices have done to survive and thrive the economic wrath of COVID-19.

Stop Bending the Knee to Disease

The functional medicine market was never eviscerated. It was just compressed, and we are finally starting to see an expansion that is bringing FM practitioners record numbers amidst a global pandemic. You need to look for creative ways to increase patient volume as the marketplace starts to buzz again, and your mindset is the first thing you need to address. When this whole thing started, none of us could predict what it would look like. But with a 99.5% or higher survival rate for people under 70, it is starting to look more like a psycho-social experiment designed to see how many Americans are willing to blindly obey power. We are leaders in our communities and we have to start acting like it. It is time to come out of hiding and stop bending the knee to disease. We must get back to what we do best, providing health and wellness to patients suffering from health issues that didn’t hit “pause” when the pandemic struck.

Creative Ways to Increase Patient Volume: Clarity vs. Commitment

Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson says that the opposite of clarity is chaos, but leaders don’t need clarity, they need commitment. The problem is that our world leaders have been searching for the former, and chaos ensues as they chase their tail. The same can be said for practitioners searching for creative ways to increase patient volume. Leading with clarity instead of leading with commitment creates frustration in patients who are receiving your advice. This will stifle the growth of your practice. Getting patients through your door will only get you so far. They are looking for multi-dimensional healthcare providers that can take care of them in the long run. Clarity is a short-game that benefits the practitioner. It takes commitment to help patients out of the weeds, even if you don’t know what that looks like.

Creative Ways to Increase Patient Volume

About Dr. Brad Watts

Dr. Brad Watts is a doctor and educator focusing on ridding the world of chronic disease by planting seeds of health and healing. He is the author of the acclaimed “Killing Chronic Dis-ease.” His passion is in applying real-world experience to help liberate those who are oppressed by ill-health. In addition to teaching and inspired speaking, part of his mission is supporting children’s health and education in the third-world. Dr. Watts is a Doctor of Chiropractic and widely recognized as an expert in Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

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