Episode 56:

If you’re looking to grow your business and increase your ability to move humanity forward, you need to adopt a cash practice model. In this conversation, you’ll hear insights about:

  • Why you should adopt a cash practice model to have a greater impact on your business and your community
  • How Dr. Serio built the largest practice in Latin America in just a few years
  • How Dr. Serio established an authority position within his unique niche
  • What enabled Dr. Serio to scale his business and build a franchise model with 27 practices
  • How to structure the foundation of your practice so you can operate more efficiently
  • The systems, communications strategies, and money mindset that will enable us to successfully adopt a cash practice model

The Cash Practice Model in Functional Medicine

Dr. David Serio is a Doctor of Chiropractic, an international speaker, and the best-selling author of “33.” He is also a mentor, coach, and NLP master. In addition, Dr. Serio is the founder of Vida Chiropractic Worldwide, where he currently oversees 20 centers of chiropractic in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, and Spain. With a team of 49 people including assistants represented from 18 different cultures, Dr. Serio’s professional mission is to connect chiropractors and the public with the essence of chiropractic. In this episode of The FM Shift, Dr. Serio joins us to share his functional medicine journey and explain why you should adopt a cash practice model to have a greater impact on your business and your community.

No Credit Cards, No Bank Transfers

One of the main reasons Dr. Serio moved to Argentina was because he wanted to build a cash practice. Within a few years, he built the largest chiropractic practice in Latin America, which received nearly four hundred patients per week. Every transaction was all-cash—no credit cards and no bank transfers to this day. In 2013, people began asking Dr. Serio to teach them his model, and it gave him the opportunity to create Vida Chiropractic Worldwide. Dr. Serio works with other chiros as a decade-long partner and helps them achieve success as a cash franchise just as he did.

A Greater Impact on Your Practice and Your Community

In order to build the largest cash practice in Latin America, Dr. Serio had to figure out reasonable rates that locals were willing to pay based on the specific goals they had for treatment. The marketplace in Buenos Aires needed something different than it was used to. Locals had traditional medical care, PT, and elastography, but no chiropractic or functional medicine. Dr. Serio capitalized on this need and positioned his practice as something that added unique value they couldn’t get anywhere else. It was not a substitute for other forms of treatment, it was a new form of supplemental care that was distinct from everything else. This is how Dr. Serio was able to add value to his community and grow his practice at the same time.

Cash Practice

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